Are you a dog owner like me? Do you travel the country with your furry creatures looking for a hotel that pampers you and them? Do you travel to Las Vegas often, but have to ask yourself the question; where’s the best place to stay in Las Vegas as a dog owner?

Look no further than my Top 5 Las Vegas Hotels for Dog Owners! Some of you will think, “oh, boy… Here’s another crazy video from a crazed dog lover.”. But, the reality is that dogs are members of our families and they need to be treated as such when we travel. Some hotels will make you feel guilty for bringing a dog or make you feel like a criminal for even suggesting you travel with a dog. Well, we’ve stayed at just about every single Las Vegas hotel you can think about, and many times we’ve brought our pups along for the journey! The reason I wanted to make this video is that it’s near and dear to my heart and many of you on YouTube in the slot channel community have asked me about it!

So, we break down my Top 5 Las Vegas Hotels for Dog Owners! This isn’t a scientific Top 5 with calculations and all that! It’s just from my experiences across Las Vegas Blvd. I’ve stayed at 90% of the hotels on Las Vegas Blvd so here goes! We’re not associated with any of the hotels we mention in this Top 5, so it’s simply just my opinion! #LasVegasHotels #LasVegas #LadyLuckHQ If this is your first time visiting Lady Luck HQ most of the time I post videos of hubby and I taking on the high limit slot machines.

I will post BIG WINS, Jackpots, HANDPAYS as well as losses for your viewing pleasure. This is the REAL REEL a new vlog series( Vegas Vlog) I will be doing on my LADY LUCK HQ Channel. The REAL REEL vlog series is going to take you through “honest answers” about CASINOS, GAMBLING and SLOTS. Today’s topic | Top 5 Las Vegas Hotels for Dog Owners