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Hi, my name is Francine Maric and I go by Lady Luck HQ on all social media platforms.

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8 hours ago
Lady Luck HQ

When the $25 Challenge Actually Works and Delivers Big on Huff N More Puff!

Play all the games you love and know on the Quick Hit App For Free. Tap this link to download 6 Million Coins when you download the game!

Thank You @QuickHitSlotsCommunity for sponsoring this video & creating such an amazing app. The app is free and offers loads of familiar games but does not provide real money winnings or cash rewards.

#jackpot #vegas #partner
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4 CommentsComment on Facebook

Let’s go again… you can get the grand again. 🙂❤️

good luck LL


Good luck😁

10 hours ago
Lady Luck HQ

7AM in Las Vegas and This JACKPOT on Huff n Puff was absolutely AMAZING!!!! #lasvegas #vegas #huffnpuff See MoreSee Less

61 CommentsComment on Facebook

What a dream hit!Wow!!

You tickle me Francine! You get so excited love it! Great bonus

So early and already playing🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑☘️

When y'all coming to Oklahoma?

Is this now ? Or also been recorded

That was amazing….woooooooohoooooooo

I'd like to see you when but I think you glowed too much

Way to go congratulations


You go girl bring some of that luck to me here in Philadelphia

You go girl. Nice win. Always enjoy you playing and having fun with hubby and the machine. I know you will ignore comments who are being troll and haters. And you do whatever you want. They just jealous. They should just mind their own business.🙂❤️

Yessss so happy for u

ONLY ONE QUESTION HOW DO YOU WIN JACKPOTS ALL THE TIME,ALL I EVER GET IS BARLY ENOUGH TO GET BY. Any way fun to watch you.Can't say any more I would be in trouble (best of luck).


Fantastic win

What casino are you in?

Wow amazing and so lucky congratulations I mean you are called Lady Luck HQ 😊

Early morning is a good time to play for you. Way to go!!!


Keep on winning 🎰 good luck 👌

Wow how do you do it?

Wow great win, I hope your luck continues for the rest of your stay 🍀🍾🥂

Good luck from Arizona. 🍀🍀🎉

O.M.G you go girl thats awesome lady luck i was so excited for ya .

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1 day ago
Lady Luck HQ

OMG!! My BIGGEST Jackpot EVER on Sweet Tweet Slot Machine!!! The lucky Colorado Mountains made it happen!!! #jackpot See MoreSee Less

69 CommentsComment on Facebook

Omg, I love black hawk 🎰

Good luck and have fun😊

Good work Lady Luck. Watched a few other people playing slots so boring. You have the best luck and I love watching you win. Loved the 15,000 dollar room you booked. You deserve it girl. ❤️

Wauwwww, Good Luck always you hit bonus, that's God Gift 💪💪🙏🤣🤣

fantastic well done lady luck

Love the Monarch! I'll be there next weekend. Last time we were up there we couldn't stop hitting. Awesome win on free play🤘

I like this one, very active. Great win

Great win 👏🎉🍀🎉

CONGRATULATIONS to you both. Dorothy from Australia. 💜

Great win off that free play!


Big win coming now

You Sure Are Luck Good For You

Awesome win 🎰 continued good luck ❤

Do u think the free play influenced the payout?

Haha 😃😁🤭I love reaction and jackpots dance 💖🌹💖🌹💖🌹

Only place I play need to find somewhere else 😕 not like it used to be when it was the Riviera.

Welcome to good ol Colorado!

Awesome! We are headed to Black Hawk in exactly 1 month for the first time! Hoping the slots are hot!

Favorite games win Big ma'm

Congratulations u got a lot of protein and that bonus 😉

I wish I would of Been there to meet you 🎰😎

Great win 💜

Que bien! Siga así.


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1 day ago
Lady Luck HQ

3 Jackpots and Nearly $116K Grand at Hard Rock Tampa

Experience the highs and lows of high-stakes betting, from $200 spins to three separate jackpots. Feel the adrenaline as we take you through each spin and win.

#jackpot #hardrock
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138 CommentsComment on Facebook

Can't Wait To Go See You Saving My Penny So I Can Gamble A Little Bit LOL

Vegas Matt won 30k on a line pay for this game 😳

There are no moose in that slot just elk, but I like watching you play

I love Hard Rock Tampa!

It is a elk, loads of good luck!!🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

First time seeing the bank bonus

Let’s Go… get that $$$…Major/grand..🙂❤️ what’s the date this session was played.

It's a Moose?

Elk, a Moose has bigger wider antlers … 🙂


Hope you win the jackpot. Best Wishes

Good Luck!

Good video enjoyed watching uall as always 👍 thanks for making my day less boring

That ià à elk .

What's up with the matches and potpourri comments lately lmao is Dude Luck 23 having intestinal issues lately lmaooooo

Site oficial do tigre

Let’s go buffalo 🦬

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1 day ago
Lady Luck HQ

We Stayed In A $15,000/Night Las Vegas Villa!! Would you stay here?!

Lady Luck HQ is at The Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Today we are taking a tour of the room we are staying in… correction the Villa we are staying in. This is Villa 9. This Villa had 2 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, outdoor kitchen, private pool, living room, and butler service to go with it. IT WAS JUST AMAZING!

#vegas #roomtour #Villa
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187 CommentsComment on Facebook

Awesome!!! Good luck to you always!!!

De sueño todo

Come to cruise 🚢 ms europa 2 will be cruising to New York 🥳

I'm so glad that we all are getting to live vicariously through y'all!!!y'all need to do this again when you're at 400k!!I love watching the suite tours!!

Wow that gorgeous 😍

Enjoy and have fun .. amazing villas beautiful…

Wow!! But you're right the other rooms are a waste too bad you didn't have family or friends with you!!! Enjoy it & good luck with the gambling!!!

Yes I'd stay there enjoy best of luck on your casino endeavors

Wow. I would just stay and party in that pad. Very nice. Let’s hit a jackpot

Thanks for sharing it was amazing

If I was rich maybe I would stay their have fun

I'm a V/P lover but after seeing this suite, I'm going to have to head over to the Mirage. Thanks for posting!

Can't get much better than that!

60 dollar kuerig in a 15k a night suite 😆

Yep you got all those amazing comps when you gamble thousands of dollars a day

Cayley Henson Goals! I haven’t even barely touched the possibilities with suites and villa options in Vegas! I’m ready!

Of course if it was free that is more than my yearly income so breath taking

2 bedrooms 5 bathrooms whats the point of 5 bathrooms is it in case you sleepwalk and get lost lol 😆🤣😂

How did you pay for the room ? If I made ask ?

Not for $15000 just give me a simple room n the rest load 2 my card 4 free plays. Most time i stayed in the room is 2 sleep for an hr then back 2 the casino floor.

Mr Winn was my Boss here in Biloxi Ms at the Beau Rivage

Where Mr. Popigigrio was partying during movie vegas vacation!!!

If I won the lottery, then yes🥰

Omg so gorgeous ❤️

That's more than a years money for me for 1 freaking night.

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1 day ago
Lady Luck HQ

I Played The NEWEST Fire Link Cash Falls in Vegas and It Was Amazing!! Check out this Crazy Jackpot!! #lasvegas #vegas #jackpot See MoreSee Less

108 CommentsComment on Facebook

All husbands should be as loving and caring as yours. I love how he compliments you all the time is always so sweet 💯 caters to you ❤️

Awesome . You two are such a cute couple.

That was awesome. Love the re trigger

Congrats 👏

You retrigger only if the line in full

closer to screen please, difficult to see amts winning+ betting


I played this game last month in Vegas and did pretty well! Not the big numbers you got, but a decent win for me!

That was such a cool game

Now that was a wild game

you will get a big W. when was this session played.

I want to play next to You! You bring such fun positive energy! You both are great! Nice guy!!

I was just there last week and found Cash Falls at Bellagio and played it all week! Loved it!

You did good, I'd like to see new games that you record instead of all the old ones he safe


I never saw anyone get this…yet has it definitely means you go again

I wish i can win when i go casinos

Hi from NC. Good luck

Great Hit LL

Wow that’s amazing


You guys are awesome, I told Slot Hopper yall should do a video together at Tampa hard Rock sometimes

Julius Lujan

🔥you beautiful and I love your video.!

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1 day ago
Lady Luck HQ

Did I Accidentally Win Huge on $1 Million Dragon Link In Las Vegas?

#vegas #jackpot #casino
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55 CommentsComment on Facebook

You are so much fun to watch 💕 Good Luck 🎰

Good luck from Fredrikstad 🤗🤗🤗

Fantastic wins, love it


Mornings aren't just for coffee. 😁

Good luck from the Czech Republic

Let’s go. Get it, get it, get it…Cha Ching. 🙂❤️ do you know the date you recorded this session.

I just love watching you play Lady Luck

You 2 are such a cute couple!


Bad call for a bad luck

I wanna see you win the Grande SO bad!

U look prettier with your hair pulled back

👍 Galera tá pagando no touro e no Ratinho

Pense numa plataforma boa ,pagando bem todos os dias ,ganho minha diária

I put my last 35$, I soon withdrew 820$

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2 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

Unlocking 3 Jackpots using the Fast Spin Strategy on Million Dollar Dragon Link

Two out of the three jackpots were triggered using the Fast Spin Strategy — proving that sometimes you need to speed things up to win big!

#jackpot #vegas #games
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115 CommentsComment on Facebook

Yes. It's amazing how many times you can "pop" in a bonus. Good job !!!!

Good luck from st.lucia little island in the Caribbean

Sending shoutout to Eugene Condon and good luck prayers from South Dakota

Hello, are you having a meet and greet at morongo casino near Palm Springs? Wifey and I would like to attend. Do we need to purchase tickets? Thanks and lots of luck lady!

No such feature in Australia 🙄

Wow that cute lil Panda pays out! Congratulations


Congratulations I love watching you guys but please stop making noise with your mouth 👄 very annoying

🔥Sab sy mashoor game🔥 💵Har invite par 1200 Rs inaam💵 💰Rozana inamaat 500 Rs tak💰 💖Jitni jaldi ap join karain gy utna zyada kamaen gy💖

🔥Sab sy mashoor game🔥 💵Har invite par 1200 Rs inaam💵 💰Rozana inamaat 500 Rs tak💰 💖Jitni jaldi ap join karain gy utna zyada kamaen gy💖

🔥Sab sy mashoor game🔥 💵Har invite par 1200 Rs inaam💵 💰Rozana inamaat 500 Rs tak💰 💖Jitni jaldi ap join karain gy utna zyada kamaen gy💖

Pessoal que gosta de fazer uma fezinha,vou deixar aqui o link de uma das minhas plataforma preferidas.O deposito mínimo é baixo e não tem barrinha pra sacar ,só não aceitar o bônus de depósito que ganhou já pode sacar imediatamente.Aconselho a depositar no mínimo R$ 20 pq aumenta muito as chances de ganhar.

क्या आप भी Game में हार हार कर थक चुके हैं तो इस Game को Try करें, आपको लगेगा क़ाश मुझे ये Game पहले मिला होता। Real Game है, इसमें अपनी भड़ास निकाले और Loss रिकॉवर करें। "सचमुच ये Game तो आपके पास नहीं होगा"

🤑ये मात्रा ☝️एक ऐसा गेम है जो रेफर🤝 या खेल🃏 के दिन मैं rs-5000💲से 10000💲रुपिया कमा🔑 सकते हैं 🤑ट्राई कर के देखो💸💵लिंक👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

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2 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

Down So Much & I Won My BIGGEST Jackpot EVER on Autumn Moon Dragon Link!!!! #Jackpot See MoreSee Less

151 CommentsComment on Facebook

I hope when I meet you in October at Morongo…some of your luck 🍀 rubs off onto me and my husband. You have the best luck

Wow. Good job. You are awesome.

You are beautiful

I screamed out loud in Australia 🇦🇺 when I saw the MINOR

Very nice jackpot

This girl is on 🔥🔥🔥! Sweet jackpot

Congrats on that big W.. knew you could always do it. That name matches you always so Lucky. 🙂❤️


Fantastic win

Way to go…you are so fun to watch 🥰


i love u ! LL

What a hit!!!

Love it 👏👍🤙I was just 😲😳😧

are you in morongo rigth now ?

Number one fan here me lol

Love watching you, best of luck from Scotland xx

Vous nous faites rêver j aimerais bien faire pareil dans les casino français

Good Luck Lady From Lake Placid Florida

Congratulations 👏👏👏

That's incredible wow what a wins



Congratulations !!


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2 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

$200 Into Go Go Claw Slot Machine! Can We Win The Grand Jackpot!?!? #gogoclaw See MoreSee Less

62 CommentsComment on Facebook

My most frustrating game ever!!

That was great! 👏

I really enjoy watching your clips. You guys are the cutest couple ever, and I like the balance ! #epic_slots

The clamps didn't even pick close

All about the angles

Getting good at this game

So basically, the machine is programmed to hold tight enough to pick up a ball on VERY random occasions. Probably not a great way to game off $100. But that's just my opinion and not my money.😉

Worst odds ever. I did snag $100 from it. Once

Great grab….way to go!

Beware the claw

The claw needs blue pill

Get it!!!!

Feliz domingo

Dumb game. I would be terrible at it


Julio Cesar Badillo Rendon


Amy Kerlin

Craig Geurin

Liz Baughman how fun does this one look babe

Always luck guys …A lot of pure ,amazing luck….😉😉

Do you go gambling before work or after work. You must make a ton of money at your job you are so lucky

All rigged unplug it and plug it back in it will reset and you will win

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2 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

Hubby’s Max Bet Prediction on Newest Buffalo Won Us The Jackpot Immediately! Was there any intention behind this or was it purely coincidental?

#jackpot #casino #vegas
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35 CommentsComment on Facebook

I played and lost big

Loved it

Wow. This new slot is very exciting to play

That looks like a fun game

This game has potential, but it can take some work to get the bonus. I’ve played this a few times and haven’t been able to hit the bonus yet.

I need to give this game another chance. I’ve played 3 or 4 times and bonus just wouldn’t pay much.

Last December wife and I won 5 grand jackpots and 4 the next month, insane run. 6 were mine on piggiebank one on 🎩 game and wife won 2 on golden doors because it was beside my pigs lol got married end of December and headed to Vegas 😂 for honeymoon 😍

Go, go, get it. You got this.🙂❤️

Great win

go hubby great job

I need Dude Luck 23 to give me a tutorial on this game! I dont understand any of the buffalo games, tried to, keep trying but dont get it!!!

Quit playing ..

Pessoal que gosta de fazer uma fezinha,vou deixar aqui o link de uma das minhas plataforma preferidas.O deposito mínimo é baixo e não tem barrinha pra sacar ,só não aceitar o bônus de depósito que ganhou já pode sacar imediatamente.Aconselho a depositar no mínimo R$ 20 pq aumenta muito as chances de ganhar.

Deposito mínimo: A parti de 5 reais Saque a partir de 20 Sem taxa Boa sorte☘️💸🙌🏻 Testada e aprovada…

Never see you loose. You should post loses too

Do you have a new man??? ? ? ?

I fell asleep watching this

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3 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

BIGGEST Jackpot EVER Won On Stinkin Rich Slot Machine!!! Your eyes won’t believe this!!

#jackpot #slots
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225 CommentsComment on Facebook

Many asked for the shortened version! Here it is!! Happy Saturday 😊


Love this game it pays big when you hit the bonus

Win big lucky lady

Good luck lady luck

Love the game…which casino?

Wat was you bidding congratulations 🎊

Saludos desde Chicago amigos

One of my Fave games

Lady Luck 🍀, your so lucky .. please send some luck my way Lol congrats

One my favorite games!!!

Love this game but it’s always max bet for me!!

Congratulations! Stinking Rich is my favorite game.

Good job ,,,,

It's all about the wilds in the middle 3 reels. Gotta love the skunk !

They recrntly built a new skstepark on curacao.

That’s one of my fav. machine. I love the wild & the jumping guy. Lol


Fantastic well done both of you

Would be nice to play $150 a spin, get real, who has that type of money, what BS!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to you both. Dorothy from Australia. 💜

Wow Wow wow espectacular

Nice jackpot

Felicidades 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Awesome sauce 👍

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3 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

We WENT NUTS!!! Woke Up In Vegas To An Empty High Limit Room!!

#vegas #lasvegas #jackpot
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121 CommentsComment on Facebook

Wtg. Autum Moon was good to you. Congratulations!

Your favorite game an your lucky bet

Did you guys take care of that hacker hope the hubby didn't kick his 🤬 to bad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Come on full screen of hank

You look very young with your hair pulled back.. cute

Way to start out great hit

That machine was on 🔥

Hot machine

She is more than pretty Dude luck

Why don’t you cash out and use it on the next Machine??

Congratulations ☘️🍀🍀


Where was this again? Great way to start the day!!

Okay I'm kind of new at this. You tip a hand pay?

Hand pot jack pay!!! Good one Dude🤣🤣

What casino? And nice first hit!

Way to go, Lady Luck HQ !! was that your fastest jackpot ever on a line hit? Send some luck my way, please. 😂

Nice hits!


Great job

It’s the same as Australia in the pay mode, so many of just what you’re betting all the big pays have been tampered with . Makes my blood boil

You don’t have to pay taxes????

Nick Fulton Bella Betinsky

Lady sure enjoy watching you and hubby play the games..esp when you win, get spins your so excited..Love it!

Let’s go. Can you say what Date is this session. Get it, get it, get it…$$$🙂❤️ yes you go pretty Lady Luck HQ that over $9 grand is just as awesome. Yayyyy

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3 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

The MOST Incredible Lock It Link Diamonds Jackpot Of My Life!!!! #jackpot #vegas See MoreSee Less

144 CommentsComment on Facebook


Nice win

You never lose

Post videos of you losing $$$ no Gambler Wins every time. All you post is Wins ??

I always miss your live shows. Queanbeyan Australia…drives me nuts

Incredible win.

Congratulations Lady Luck

Great win….and your outfit matched the screen


Congratulations 👏👏👏


Lucky lady Gorgeous a beautiful

Melissa Leigh Cleary this is the game that I wish was still around. Plus a bat 🦇 one like this too


You are really lady of luck 👍

Congrats guys

Be nice if the camera man focused the camera more at her head than lower 🤣

Hi lucky lady from Canada 🇨🇦

Congratulations 🎊

Excellent congratulations

Way to go, Lady Luck HQ!!

This is an awesome win.

You should get the grand for the full screen

Nice set

Awesome hit. Love your videos big fan

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3 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

I Was So Ashamed & A MIRACLE JACKPOT Saved The Day in Vegas! Not Leaving ‘Til It Popped.

#vegas #jackpot #casino
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87 CommentsComment on Facebook

Not a fan!!

Oklahoma Panhandle watching

Good luck

Worst game ever. Unless you want to give away a lot of money

Worst game in the 🎰

Machine is sometimes hard to crack, plus it never hits the grand jackpot

Next video I was getting nervous but I am glad you got your money back

Finally, that Jackpot was hard earned on that horrible machine. Now, run for the hills and dont look back! Glad you got something out of it. 💷💵💷💵💚💛❤

What a comeback but it definitely should have been more 😊

Loves to take more than it gives

hard game to win anything

It can be fun but frustrating. I have won on it but lost too haha. Sometimes it looks ready but won't go right away. One time I barely had them lit and hit all 3 and won 300 bucks. They go off randomly.

I am sure glad that you got the double, it was scary for a while. Have a great day

Let’s go best of luck 🍀🍀🍀🍀

Best of luck , hope you win big xx

Good luck!!

Hit The Big One

I play that game but it’s really BAD!! You at least got some money back.❤️

Get it, get it, grand, grand, grand 😊❤️

Yes it is took all my money didn’t get a bonus

They're a bugger of a machine

Very Hard game to win on but I did get lucky one day


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4 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

High Limit Buffalo Ascension Stressed Me Out.. Then A MIRACLE HAPPENED!

Just before we hit that juicy jackpot, we were actually talking trash about the game. It’s like Buffalo Ascension decided to prove us wrong!

#jackpot #hardrock
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45 CommentsComment on Facebook

I've gotten only terrible stampede and never played this game ever again lol!

This game is a blast! But if you’re not hitrin’ it will drain you fast!

I have never done good on any of these buffalo games. Maybe some day

This is why we don’t play Buffalo games anymore!!!!

When will you be in Vegas next time??

My favorite game. Let's go Buffalo

My favorite game good luck 🤞

This won't be like that if you mark me

Hello 👋👋👋👋👋 Brandy from California hope all is well thank you for the video

Jackpot guys!!🍀

good luck at least if you don't win and ask your hubby to poke the machines and walk away and say why are youn't giving my wife lady luck to win duh winks Here in Australia👊😉

Good video enjoyed watching uall as always

Hate machine with dry spins. Good luck

Get the coins. An retrigger a lot

It sucked a money taker now do u really want to know how I feel about this Buffalo game???????

That game was not very nice game, good comeback though.

Nope not playing this machine

Hardrock where and when?

What a God Aweful game…..this is exactly why I don't play Buffalo games anymore…..I have literally gone 500 spins without ever hitting a bonus or decent line hit…'s a trash game

All Buffalo games suck BIG time. Happy you got some 💵 back

Hit That Jackpot

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4 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

OMG!! The Best Jackpot I’ve Ever Won on Buffalo Grand!!! #jackpot See MoreSee Less

115 CommentsComment on Facebook

I'm coming back to Morongo!! And doing a Meet and Greet! Some spots available!!

I seen this video on your YouTube channel earlier…

Good luck lady luck win a big jack pot

Awesome congratulations lady luck Hq

Let’s GO… it’s that time. Get the Grand/Major, again. You know how to do it like all the other times. Big WIN..🙂❤️

It is nice seeing you betting reasonable that others can relate to, and seeing you win. I love your channel but don't watch it as much because you both are such high rollers I could never bet what you do, so this video was nice to see you win on a low bet that is reasonable to all of us. Congrats on your win.

Congratulations on a low bet, amazing 👏 😉 👌

My favorite buffalo game


Way to go nice hit with the multipler

If you would have hit the grand you would have been sitting there all day waiting for it to total up! I was hoping the that 10x for ya… still a great win!

Serious question. How do you know that a machine/ jackpot is Maxed out?

This was a good one I play catch up on your videos on my day's off if I miss them love the video keep them coming

I love Buffalo grand. Spin it !!!!

4 days before my trip to Vegas I hit the super with the mini wheel. It was almost 5k. Paid for my entire trip!

That is the machine I hi in a/c on a three dollar bet 1875600 I got the some as you for 20 times

That’s awesome on a$7.50 bet

Congratulations lucky

Been waiting on some videos, ty for sharing!

How much were you betting ..this is awesome 👌 👏 😎

Give me some luck🙏❤️

Lady. Luck. HQ

Wauwwww Congratulations, superrrrr 🙏🤜💪

Congratulations from Sydney


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4 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

Vegas Casino Manager Gave Me A Hot Tip & It Scored 3 JACKPOTS… Was this a coincidence?

#vegas #jackpot #casino
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104 CommentsComment on Facebook

Oscar the grouch was the crappy one on sesame Street


Lady Luck HQ whats the tips ???

Won a grand on lighting high stakes 2.50 bet 10c denom 26k

Once again, good luck! I feel so bad saying this again but the video is blurry….

What was the hot tip lol


getting 0 in a bounce should never happen i don't care what your bet is

I hit Cats and Bats @ the Hollywood Guitar Casino!

What was the “hot tip “ that the casino manager gave you???

Al verme no See messenger apk there is this my location from 6pm |onwards. I am there for. Please

Huff and more puff 2 Kings Casino in Kings mountain NC. It was only 15,000

I have hit grade 2x on 88 fortune 1st 1 cent $8.80 bet. 2nd 1 cent $2.64 bet. Husband hit 1 time 1 cent $2.64 bet

Today is my birthday. Wish best luck to win grand jackpot.

We love you both and enjoy all of your videos. Too bad that there are jerks in this world. Just saying!

Won a $14,731 Grand on “Huff n More Puff” game in Michigan – Soaring Eagle casino. Playing $.75 on 2 cent denom ($1.50 total) Shock, shock….so much fun tho.


Oscar is crabby

Won two grand jackpots at FOur Winds in Dowagiac Michigan. Both were a little over 16 thousand each time both were on Lightning games

8x 3x)cherokee casino HARRAHS NC Dragon Link and Buffalo chief 2x)Hard rock AC Dragon Link 1x) planet hollywood Vegas on Dragon Link 1x) firelink bellagio vegas All won within 9 months

I won the grand at ThunderValley in Lincoln, California, 8 times On fortune eighty eight only playing eighty eight cents I won the grand all 8 of them within 3 months. All of them over fifteen thousand dollars each

Oscar the grudge lived in a garbage can and he loved his cookies

Good luck from bonnie Scotland

Este soy yo si 3s así mucho cuidado no más v|rme Ami y yo seré %u| tengo gusto por conocerlos vaa SHAO SHAO

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5 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

I Made A Fortune On The NEWEST Game At Hard Rock Hollywood!

Ever felt like the machine you’re playing on just isn’t lucky? That’s exactly how I felt! Deciding to change games was a gamble, but it paid off BIG TIME. Find out how I turned my luck around in today’s video.

#jackpot #hardrock
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70 CommentsComment on Facebook

Good luck lady luck

Good luck lady luck win big👍❤🙏

Good luck you two !! From Dalton , Ga

Good luck…rubs and tickles🤑🤑🤑

Nice. Thats my local casino keep on winning 🤞

He cut you off thats your story and your sticking TO IT LOL

You 2 are such a cute couple

Lol the beginning of this video 😂. Love it

I love your new opening avatar. Beautiful.

Good Luck

I was just there for 3 days couldnt win a thing~!

I just got home Choctaw with 4K



Have fun hope you win big

I love your videos in Facebook and YouTube Chanel I'm waching every day when I have a chane i'm My times off

That was a great run on the Dragon game !! I loved it 💗 congrats !!!

You go girl 👍 Keep on winning 🎰

Great bonuses on new machine – too bad you were down on first machine

Never seen this game before…great win! 😍

Amén 🙏

Play the game, stop showing off

That help you to not lose track of time .

SOS una jenia jugando, gustaría jugar me alludas?

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5 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

$70,000 Dream 🥰 The Pursuit of the Mega Jackpot at Resorts World Las Vegas 🤞

You can play all the games you LOVE on the Jackpot Party app. Tap this link to download

Jackpot Party is a free app, with tones of games you know and love but doesn’t offer real money or cash rewards. You’ll earn countless hours of fun and thrill that will brighten up your day. Who needs anything more?! @JackpotPartyCasinoCommunity

#vegas #games #partner
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26 CommentsComment on Facebook

Nice Jacket, Good Luck

Nice Jacket, Good Luck


I've found that machine is a real money maker for the casino..they take a lot of money and and don't give u back that much..

Good luck Brandy from California

I requested to my casino they invite you! At Soaring Eagle in Mt.pleasant.

U ever come out to Coachella fantasy springs

I don't like the pigs game very much it doesn't pay very well if you bet low

I hate that game


Let’s Go… it’s that time. I know you trying your best. That time is soon to get that grand/major. 🙂 money, money, money, money…❤️ pretty jacket…


No one plays this at my casino. Takes too much $ to get a bonus! They are always empty.

You'll be lucky to win back the money u invested

Nice machine and the jacket is nice too. Thanks again for the video. 😊


Fat piggy’s good luck Lady Luck 🍀… FREEPLAY🔥 FREEPLAY🔥 BEST GAMING PLATFORM please DM .


You'll see over time

Pork chop has no bones

Good luck


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5 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

Switching Slot Machines Unlocks JACKPOT SURPRISE in Detroit!

#detroit #casino #jackpot
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84 CommentsComment on Facebook

I always try the up and down bet method, it worked very well on huff n more puff on my cruise…I love watching you guys and picking up little things to try!

As a Michigan resident I’ve played in every casino in this state except Detroit.

Good luck from Scotland and hope you win BIG xx

Hola.. 👋 Detroit, Michigan.. Hoping you win win and keep winning.. I love you both 💓

I’m from Detroit also! Good luck 🍀

Good luck from Ceres CA.

Try New Mexico & Navajo Casinos

Good luck ya meró from California

Grand Rapids, Michigan here!

Watching from Schenectady NY upstate would Love for you to come here, we have a nice casino Rivers Casino!

Always the same boring machines. Try some old school for a change

How do you have so much money to gamble like this?

Oh ok thank you for the info. I understand. But I still enjoying watching all your videos. I go back at times watching your past videos when you won the grand 3 times and the major 3 times. I get excited with you too and enjoy your jackpot dance. My hubby sees me jumping and clapping for you when you hit them big jackpots and he ask me what I’m so excited for.🙂❤️

My cat loves your voice meow 😻

You can do this. Get that grand/major. Again. You did it more than 3-4 times. Do it again. 🙂❤️ oh I thought this video was today that I’m watching you which is sept 21, but you stated this was posted May 6…

Mucha suerte , me gusta verte y ver cómo siempre jugas, saludos de argentina

Traverse city!!!

I agree happy lantern doesn’t pay well and is so frustrating. High stakes is sooo much better!!!

Sharpening up on your math skills I see….lol,fun video

Welcome to Michigan

Good luck, Detroit, Michigan

Hey welcome back to Michigan maybe one day i will meet you both Win Huge!!!!

I live up by Flint and visited all the casinos in Detroit when the first opened. Been about 5 yrs since we have been. Some good memories but a few bad. Was on the sidewalk about to enter from the street when Detroit P.D. shot and killed a homeless guy just a block away. At 2am gunshots will send your spider senses into overload….They justified killing him because he was bothering a restaurant and shook his weenie at the cops…..Hey it's Detroit. Can't afford to play much anymore since retirement, but I love watching your videos. (USED TO NOT BE ALLOWED TO TAKE ANY KIND OF VIDEOS OR PICTURES) Wish I could do what you guys do….



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6 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

🔴 LIVE Trying To Land The Grand Jackpot On Go Chumba! + Special Announcement
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1010 CommentsComment on Facebook

During this broadcast, you can support my Page by sending Stars, a digital gift that helps me earn money.

Where are you watching from? Let's see how far this LIVE stream gets!

Hey there, Lady Luck!!!!! Let’s win that jackpot!

Way to go Francine, hit a big!!

2120 is my favorite cascade game try your luck

What’s up dude and Lady Luck?! From Chino Ca

Good luck from Montreal Québec Canada

Good luck from Laredo Texas

Try Legacy Of The Tiger 🐅 I think you will hit something 😋

Good Luck from Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

What upppppppp you guys in Vegas this weekend??????

You go lady luck

What are you playing hello

What’s the annocment

Try wild west 2120

Time to switch games

hit the grand on this game a couple weeks ago on a $1sc bet.. good luck for tennessee

You should play Stampede Fury 2!!

Hello from Oak Creek, Wisconsin!! Let's hit a jackpot!!!

Come on jackpot

Try adventure trails!!! Please it’s my favorite game and hits really good on high bets

Como gano

I like this game

San Antonio in da house!

This is like a 8bit retro game

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6 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

Fingers crossed 🤞 we land the grand jackpot tonight. See you all in the chat 😘 See MoreSee Less

Fingers crossed 🤞 we land the grand jackpot tonight. See you all in the chat 😘

261 CommentsComment on Facebook

I entered twice 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

I’m better at Chumba than I am selfies! Had to hurry to catch the BIG WIN

Not very clear, but yeaahhhhh

Love chumba sooooo much. Good luck everyone!!!!

Good luck to everyone.

My biggest win so far! Was rooting for you tonight, you’ll hit big next time, I can feel it!! Thank you for the giveaway Lady Luck HQ

To be honest I have no clue on how to add myself in the picture via my cell, but thank you for the opportunity to win. Plus I enjoy 👀

Love the sweatshirt. Its a Snap chat photo kinda day but its really me playing 😂 Big fan Lady Luck HQ thanks for all your entertainment. We love ya. 🥰

My doggie Honey for luck. Me & her love our coffee 😁 mama needs that coffee mug 🤗

Good Luck 🍀 everyone!! But I really want my coffee ☕️ cup 🤭 !!! 🤗pick me!!

Why are you so cute 🥰 I loved meeting you in Detroit! One of my best days 😁

Won this yesterday morning when I couldn't sleep!

This is the best I could do, I did a little video! Good luck everyone 🍀🍀🍀

Love the sweatshirt

Best of luck from Michigan~

Love the hair


Hello beautiful I hope u hit big . Best of luck from des moines Iowa ! And big Mama Jamie Renee Fox !


Good luck Hope you get something! I got nada today chumba was tight!

Good luck from Texas!!! 🙌🏻


Best Win to date.

Did all the winners get picked?

I would love to see a grand finally pay out before the day after Xmas from Phx good spinning vibes

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6 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

My Entire Family Cheered Us On Chasing HUGE JACKPOTS at Venetian Las Vegas!

🌟 In today’s video, we’re not just chasing the staggering $24,900 Major Jackpot on the popular slot machine, Piggy Bankin’, we’re doing it with the ultimate cheer squad—my entire family! 🌟

#jackpot #vegas #lasvegas
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103 CommentsComment on Facebook

Good Luck

love your vids

Love you and all your family!

Venetian is the best.

Congratulations 🎉🎈🎊🍾 sister in law!

Mucha suerte

Hi from Australia

Great win at family fun time

I'll get a kick out of watch you guys from milwaukee wisconsin

Love this game!

Let's get Grand jackpot or major jackpot


Stop talking shit and play Mantap,, #JUJUR #PalingBest #Baikpunya #MarilahKitaSambutHarikemerdekaan ..GameByarSenang



☀️สมัครฟรี คลิก : สมัครฟรีคลิก 👉👈 ☀️ยูสเซอร์ใหม่แตกชัวไม่จกตา100% ☀️หาเว็บคุณภาพ มั่นคง มีโปรดีๆ เชิญทางนี้****

Boa tarde! Galera essa plataforma é top novinha Lançada Hoje R$1,000,00 te ajudaria ?�� ja,tô ganhado muito nela,olha que eu já tinha jogado em outras plataformas mais nunca tinha ganhado como nessa,sério mesmo vale a pena experimentar.

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6 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

An All-Access Pass to Morongo Casino, Palm Springs!
Join Lady Luck HQ on an exciting journey as we explore the glittering world of Morongo Casino in the heart of Palm Springs, California! This trip marks our very first adventure to this sun-kissed oasis, and we can’t wait to share every thrilling moment with you.

I will be back in October date is TBD
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73 CommentsComment on Facebook

we are coming back to Morongo — Here is the invite to our meet and greet

Have a good time guys Enjoy and have some lots of luck ✨️

That was a fun video! Been a long, long time since I've been to a casino in the palm springs area! Sure has changed ALOT! Good luck! 🍀

I was there last week!!! I had a lot of fun!!! The pig was good to me!!! Lol Good luck!!! 🍀

I'm So Excited I Got My Tickets To Go Meet You

Just letting you know Morongo isn't in Downtown Palm Springs it's in a city called Cabazon California. Have fun good luck!

Have a great & successful trip. Will be waiting to see all of the videos. Good Luck

have fun. Good Luck🍀🥰

Morongo is one of my favorite good luck👍

You two are always traveling, do you have a real home? Lol good luck, today and always 🍀🌟🍀🌟🍀🌟🍀☮️

So envious!! Wish I could travel to beautiful places like this!!

Have a fun day good luck

Thank you, this is the only way i get to travel, is to watch other people.

Thanks for posting. I so enjoyed this video. Win Big ! 👍😊💝

you both brighten my days; I adore his comments and his love to you……………lxoxoMI

They actually call it Palm Springs? Seems like it should be Cabazon. Agua Caliente has a location in Palm Springs but Morongo is about 15 miles out of town.

Thanks for letting me travel with you 😹👍🦚🌞💕

I love the travels with you thank you 👍😍🤙💯😎

Why is it everytime you hit a casino you pumped up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

What did he say beardown like in Chicago bears down

Have a safe trip!!!

Long walk from the elevator to your room.

Have fun and be safe.

They sell some really really good brownies at this spot called Irie Brownies I believe they are cozmic brownies….lol

Tell hubby Go Dawgs. Back to Back to Back National Champions 🏆

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1 week ago
Lady Luck HQ

2 Jackpots and Counting! Testing Our Luck at the Venetian

We’re upping the stakes by playing in the high-limit area at the prestigious Venetian Resort. Whether you’re a seasoned slot aficionado or a newbie just wanting to feel the rush, we bring you right into the heart of the action.

#vegas #lasvegas #jackpot
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221 CommentsComment on Facebook

Good luck I enjoy watching your videos your real comical

Why did you stop filing horizontal? It’s better when I can flip my phone on the side for better viewing. Just asking.

Love your new picture! Much better!

Let's go. Money, money, money, money.. (O'JAYS singing) $$$$😊❤️

Love love and much luck 🍀

Hey Ledy HQ Soy BALLO HK

Are these casinos getting stinger? Good luck!

Como sabré de Mi $algo de aquí para aya

Have you ever had a double bounce?

Un saludo amiga desde cabo del este la ribera mexico

Those bonuses should have given you more! Great video though!!

How do you get to travel to all these casinos .do you not have jobs

freeplay please

Good luck guys🍀

Kasie Falgout



Cant get into huff and puff at all

Come on jackpot I want see dance lots luck and jackpots 👍👍 🥰🥰🥰

Sure nice when you OWN the construction company. What can I say, but nice. 😊

Gambling has to be one of the ugliest habits to have 😕 

Porque en cada jugada enseñas el rostro?

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1 week ago
Lady Luck HQ

We Put In $20K Into $1 Million Dragon Link & Bet So Huge I Spilled My Coffee!

#jackpot #casino #hardrock
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88 CommentsComment on Facebook

Love your reactions when you get the fire balls or free spins lol 😆 " Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! ✨️ 😂😂😂

So cool! My wife and I watch you both before we go to the casino to get pumped up 🙌

You’re always legging behind on your videos

I can't watch you anymore,because you bet so high,show all your bonuses, but then say you lost so much money.

Looooove your videos!! You and NG are my faves!! 😘

You are not alone with the way you talk about your dogs!! Leia!!! I have a new granddaughter by that name

Most people can't afford 20k to put in a machine. Why don't you bet normal kind of bets that people can afford?

Enjoyed watching you all the time. 🙂❤️

Husband always ups her bet🤦🏻‍♀️

Wow! Stingy on the moons!

Love watching you from NC

Get more blue ball’s especially on the $250 denom

Bora minha gente 👇

Coffee spill? Didn't see you do that!

Awesome job…I love to listen to hubby compliment you all the time💕💕💕





Good video enjoyed watching uall as always

Well walking wisconsin i'm here to watch you win again

Your hair looks nice

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1 week ago
Lady Luck HQ

Maxi, Minor & Major Jackpots 🤯 My Lucky Day at Resorts World!

You can play all the games you LOVE on the Jackpot Party app tap here

Jackpot Party is a free app, with tones of games you know and love but doesn’t offer real money or cash rewards. You’ll earn countless hours of fun and thrill that will brighten up your day. Who needs anything more?! @JackpotPartyCasinoCommunity

#partner #games #vegas
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29 CommentsComment on Facebook

I want to say I love watching You 2 play and win. Keep on getting that money, Peace & Love.

Ok im watching you from vegas today date sept 18, so you in Vegas now at world resorts. cause yesterday you were in california. Loved that jackpot dance. You go girl.🙂❤️

You can do it again. Win the grand/major. 🙂❤️

Wow nice trick you never loose hhhhhhh the trick is that you are famous and dealing with the owner of the casino they made trick in the machines to let you win and get them more people thank you hhhhh

When you win, give us a little😅 Good Luck 💪

Come To Fire Rock Casino And Hit A Jackpot

Wow big jackpot

I down loaded the app but why doesn’t it have the piggy bank game?

love the dance !!!

I thought everything went was random so why do you stop it. Another question are you playing with your money or casino camps and sponsoring?


Elizondo Tracy




Me quede con ganas de conocerlos el día que vinieron a Morongo y decir 3 más


Fuck ur channel its shit

Nice win 💜

Why you didnt show us the voucher hhhh

Friends, I have found the ultimate spot for 🍒slots for çash🔥. -and all new players get a huge 💰deposit bonus.

Good luck🤑🤑🤑

👍 💯💯💯💯💯👏

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