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Hi, my name is Francine and I go by Lady Luck HQ on all social media platforms.

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3 hours ago
Lady Luck HQ

We PUT $900 Into Devil’s Lock Slot Machine & Here’s What Happened!! See MoreSee Less

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I wish i had this kind of luck with Christmas around the corner. Happy for you and i love your content.


Please check my message that I sent you. It about one of your videos. It’s important. TY

6 hours ago
Lady Luck HQ

Big Announcement!! Lovey Dovey finally posted his first Blackjack video!! Would be grateful if you’re able to check it out and subscribe to his channel! Here’s the link ❤️❤️ See MoreSee Less

Big Announcement!! Lovey Dovey finally posted his first Blackjack video!! Would be grateful if youre able to check it out and subscribe to his channel! Heres the link ❤️❤️

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We like black jack

Omg I love it, but dear God! His brave bets amped up my anxiety so much just watching! Thank you for sharing, as always y’all never cease to entertain! ❤️

This sounds so exciting for you two . Good Luck

This is such a great photo of you Lady Luck HQ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ absolutely breathtakingly beautiful as always !!! 😍 I’m glad your with someone like Miran who treats you right, he’s a real gentleman and I got mad love for both of ya !! 😊 hope you guys having a good day. About too watch his new blackjack video!

Beautiful pic of you! It looks like you are on an airplane either heading to your next casino or going home to rest and enjoy some family life enjoyment…….. I will watch the Blackjack video. Happy Holidays!🌲🧑🏼‍🎄🤶🏻☃️

Great video,I liked & subscribed,good luck continuously to you both!😃🍀💗

Got it !! Watched and Subscribed. Good luck you 2

Hello Lady Luck HQ I’ll check it out.

Refreshing to see something different good luck thanks for sharing

I watched, he did an awesome job!

It looks like an airplane you're in

Lovey Dovey apparently loves taking pictures of you at your cutest moments

Wow 🤩 nice run !! My heart was beating so fast lol 😂

You guys are the best!! Love how you take the time to interact with your fans. So many others don’t take the time to do that!!

sooo much better than MG

Que hermosa saludos y bendiciones

I’ll be sure to check it out

 Qué carita hermosa que tienes

Ooohhhh get lovey dovey playing poker! 3 card, ultimate, ill subscibe all day long!

So exciting! Huge market for this kind of action still!!

Safe travels💗

Liked and subscribed to DudeLuck23!!!! He didn’t want to call his channel Lovey Dovey?! 😉

Hi Lady Luck HQ

Watched and liked the video last night 🤗

Done 🙌 congrats hubby!

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21 hours ago
Lady Luck HQ

The Biggest Jackpot of My LIFE on Lightning Link! See MoreSee Less

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You are so generous I like that

She done it again. If that grand would have hit i think it would be the biggest jackpot for you Congrats

accept my congratulations. I wish you always good luck.

Wow!! Congratulations lady luck !🍀

Congrats! How come it’s been 6 years since you gambled at the Venetian ?

Good Luck

Buckle up? Lol I needed to harness myself in like a nascar driver what a sweet win I'm so happy for you

Good going lady luck

Wow. Congratulations on your win

That’s why you are the Lady Luck, you give so much. Keep winning….

Nice win Lady L. You have the luck, you have the beauty, and you have the perfect guy, tell me please where did it all go wrong, lol. Love you both and good luck going forward. From your number 1 Scottish fan. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿♥️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿♥️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿♥️

Win big lucky lady

I’m really not a cheap person because I do tip at restaurants but I truly don’t understand why you would tip the person paying you your winnings at a casino I understand why you would the waitress or waiter but why the person paying out your jackpot

Lady Luck HQ am always here watching you videos.

I love it when you hit big! I truly hope you continue, you are such a sweet girl! Hubby is wonderful too!

Wat casino is this at

Great job

Congratulations!! What a great win!

That's awesome. Congratulations to you guys!!!

Beautiful win! Congratulations!

Congrats on the jackpot you deserve it ❤️🍀

Congratulations that is awesome

Good job congratulations 🎉

Is this a current video? I've not seen this one. Congratulations!

Congratulations so fun to watch

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1 day ago
Lady Luck HQ

No Idea You Could WIN These 2 At The SAME Time!! See MoreSee Less

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Dude luck! Hmm 👌🫶

Your video and audio sometimes aren’t matching.up This was one of those times

LD is now aka DL > cool


Lol attention seeker much 😏

Here Wolfy Wolfy ….Venetian Dec 2!! I just need a handsome fist pump bonus dude💕

Yes you can get Both Minors or any amount the machine decides

Good luck , I watch you all the time.

I don't get it – what 2 did you win at the same time? Or are you referring to the next piggies video?

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1 day ago
Lady Luck HQ

We Put $12,000 Into Rich Lil Piggy’s & Decided To Do BIG Spins!! See MoreSee Less

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I have played that at blue chip but not fourwinds yet.

Love this game

I have played it it's a pretty cool game

I just watched that whole thing and you quit before the red one popped!! Dangit!

I hit mager on it last night.

Played this in Vegas back in June wasn't a huge fan hit all piggy's nuy didn't pay very much.

You got sucked in!

Just played it yesterday at Baldini's in Sparks Nevada

This game has very low paybacks

This is a reply???

Dang. Wanted to see what happened when you got the red pig.


Betty and the Jets

14441 Lucky number 🥰

Que sexy estás

I can’t believe you left those piggies!

I go through so much money on this game trying to pop all the pigs before I get up lol

Naughty 🐷

Very nice

I never played this game before but I definitely want to

Lady Luck HQ- I sent a message to the page. I hope you see it soon. It’s about one of your videos

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2 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

I Made A Huge Mistake… Then A MIRACLE JACKPOT Happened! See MoreSee Less

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I played that at Cosmo once and lost so much too! Never again! Glad you broke even!

love you guys. but drives me crazy hearing k's. they are Kings,queens,jacks,Aces

Good luck to you both ❤️

LoL lady luck everyone knows that you only win on the Bonus games chooka you only play slots for the bonus

How do you even collect the diamonds? They just randomly appear?

Note to self…stay away from that game! 😳

Awesome good luck from Canada 🇨🇦

You didn’t win you just got the money back 🤷🏼‍♀️

Won’t be playing this game ever!!

I'm so glad you got something back, watching that made me upset for you….definitely not a game for me…but congratulations….love you guys 🥰🥰

He said I doubt the machine has ever seen this much money like he’s the only one in the world that that’s max bet or puts thousands into a machine silly people need to get over themselves

That was brutal to watch. So glad it FINALLY paid off

That made me nervous! And it's not even my money!😂

My suggestion, don’t ever play that game again.😂😂😂

It is a good game if you have the cash to last until 15 diamonds appear.

You guys are funny watch to the end

Crazy session.. cracked me up with the commentary 🤣🤣

What a Roller Coaster !!!

If i see that running 🏃

Hard Rock needed you to pay for your neighbors GRAND! Been there, done that! 🙁 🙂

This game is brutal!


A=Ace, K=King, Q=Queen, and J=Jack

You want to try online casino ♥️ Register and Play her👇

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2 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

It Worked! Max Volume For The JACKPOTS! See MoreSee Less

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Nicely done Lady Luck 🍀

That’s what I always do, MAX OUT THE VOLUME, The machine has feelings 😊 💕🙏🏼 Good Luck 🍀

Were u fast spinning the bonus or it stops like that on purpose?

Makes no difference. Every slot worker and ex slot technician will tell you so.

Madeline Dorris

Love you guys but these games 👎

Congrats beautiful sexy lips

Good luck

Ooooo yea

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3 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

🔴 NEWEST Lightning Dollar Link from Hard Rock Hollywood!! See MoreSee Less

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During this broadcast, you can support my Page by sending Stars, a digital gift that helps me earn money.

Looks good

Win big to make me feel better!

It’s awesome screen

Hello from Colorado

Let’s roll


Get the triple major!!!! And hit a huge jackpot!

Hit the grand jackpot!!!


Have fun

Hi from Copacabana Beach – australia 🇦🇺

Good luck from Queensland Australia

Boston mass 🍀🍀

Good luck and I see everything clearly …. San Antonio Texas

Is there scratch cards today haha jk

Good Luck Lady Luck….. From Illinois. Only Like my third time watching you all

Good morning here Lady Luck 🍀 watching here in France goid. Luck 🍀

Ok on my end good luck

She looks like Lady Luck 🍀

Let’s go Lady Luck from Pittsburgh!!! ❤️

good luck from alaska!!! nah im jk im in a ghetto city in san diego 😂

Lady lucky when are I co.i g to Australia

Hi lady Luck I'm at the Argosy Casino in Kansas city tonight!


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3 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

Come hang out on my live stream and then we’ll do a really fantastic Facebook live stream right after!!! See MoreSee Less

Come hang out on my live stream and then well do a really fantastic Facebook live stream right after!!!

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Save the Day Good Luck 🍀 ✌️

Good luck and hit the GRAND!!!

Where is the facebook stream? Just watched the YouTube live! Waiting for Facebook now. And Goodluck!

Good luck!!!!

Good luck

Good luck

Love you Lady Luck! 🌹❤️💯

Enjoy watching your slot play

Getting old Lady Luck, might be past my bedtime

I'm not at home but sending my BEST wishes😊💓

Hot stuff

Watching you on our TV!

Sounds fun 🤩

Nice game every day🤗🤗



It's the only way you can afford the casino these days

Anyone have link to share

Where's the Facebook link?

Couldn't go from you tube

Can you post link

Can you post the link here??


Good luck!

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3 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

I NEVER KNEW Low Limit Huff n More Puff Could Pay This Many JACKPOTS! See MoreSee Less

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Love this game Lady Luck 🍀

Low limit? I think your definition definitely different than mine!

There's left and and right hand skill saws Mrs. Lady luck …. typically found in cheaper quality 👌

Let's do this on a dollar bet more my style, but I love watching your low dollar bets lol.

I’m not watching after the Australian remark

Hi Lady L, and hubby, love your videos. I think a backward SAW is called a WAS. Good luck from your number 1 Scottish fan. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿♥️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿♥️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿♥️

How do you tell when it’s a gold house ?

I heard @lady luck is  pregnant 🤰

Love watching your show great content. The saw is a skill saw and not a table saw just for further information.

I'm Australian an your the ones that are back wards your using our machines lol

The Lady was looking great again. 👀

I love this game

the blade is in backwards

Everything on the saw looks normal

It is a skill saw and it is correct, I have 7 of them

Good deal on all you both wins so is this just past time or a job y'all do

i counted 1 jackpot

It’s a Skill Saw n that’s how they lol

My husband said that table is right

It is a hand held circular saw

It's a circular saw and it's correct.

It's a skill saw

Holy mother father on the skill saw direction!!

Lady Luck HQ They are circular saws and the blade is backwards on them. Hope that answers your question😅

yes its right….actually name is skilsaw

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3 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

I Had a GUT FEELING On This Slot Machine 🤯 See MoreSee Less

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Did you say a Staind concert ? We just saw them at YAAMAVA he was amazing !

They are all repeats do you have any new ones.??? .Love watching

looking from canada win big

Woop woop Birmingham 🙌


What i got today off a 4$ bet


Nice Jackpot, Congrats

Love your videos 💪

Whoot whoot

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4 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

Elderly Man Fell After Seeing These INSANE JACKPOTS in VEGAS! See MoreSee Less

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The banter between LL and LD during each post is what keeps me coming back. They never seem to vary from a mother father win or lose!

We always see the good times but what’s the most you’ve lost in a session?

Video and audio aren’t in sync?

Have u guys ever been to upstate ny to play in any of the casinos?? It would be awesome to meet u guys and hangout at a casino !!

Oh my, so happy for your wins in watching, but quietly just wishing for a few hundred in my bank for bills.. 🥰🙄

just good luck to you.

On one winning spin, the code was visible, it was not covered up.

Such a great session! You definitely hit some Nucking Futs jackpots 🤣

Win? you push the button to quickly slow it down on the wins!!!

She evens out if she is luck.

You 2 are the cutest , by far my favorite Slot 💑 couple ever. You make us all smile. Keep the videos coming.

I sense a nice Christmas in your near future

Awesome win

Heck yeah! Congrats

So many adds too many


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New game 2022 & 2023 register 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 App link 🤑👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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This is so fake there is no way she wins all the time its same woman in all videos BOO


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4 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

The Game Shook & I WON The Major Bonus Game! See MoreSee Less

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This machine paid out nicely when it first came out a couple of years ago. But now they don’t have very good bonuses anymore.

Where’s the major???

See we have this game, but as you can tell it doesn't pay well.. 👍

Where ?

Love this game

this would be a no for me, but thanks for showing the new machine and how it plays. Bonuses are pitiful.

Love when the machine shakes!!!

Too many fast spins

That slot is nothing but money grabber

Congrats beautiful sexy lips

Nice winnings

well that was not a very good machine lady luck i dont think i would waste my time playing it after watching you play it

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4 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

My First Jackpot On The Newest Coin Combo Game Marvelous Mouse Slot Machine. You can play this game for free in app! How Many Free Games Can You Get? Tap This Link to Download

#games #vegas #bonus #jackpot
See MoreSee Less

My First Jackpot On The Newest Coin Combo Game Marvelous Mouse Slot Machine. You can play this game for free in app! How Many Free Games Can You Get? Tap This Link to Download 

#games #vegas #bonus #jackpot

Comment on Facebook

Lol my hubs told me to thank you for recommending the app. He loves it. Of course I beat him at levels 🤣

Great game combo I play it on golf fish app fun game great pay outs

Great app you’re very lucky 🍀

You didn't record it?

Yahoo nice run in slots hagd

Fun game in the App. Haven't played in a casino yet thou

Hi lady you are very luck gerl

Nice hit that was marvelous! 😉

how is it

glad im not her husband!

Nice 🍀


Very nice. What’s next on the hit list

Did you hit on 1st machine with me showing love 💕💕💕

Lady Luck HQ with those hips, that’s the luck right there 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂

Congratulations beautiful

Nice shorts. 👀

Beautiful sexy lady and legs WOW

Lady Luck HP (Hand Pay) your new nickname. Have a great day.

I love this woman and I admire her a lot because of her positive energy ✨️ 💕

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5 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

OMG 3 Jackpots! This Piggy Was Made To BANK See MoreSee Less

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Frank Maniaci , David Pollock davi

Goodluck to you guys I’m watching

I would love to see the two of you win another Grand All the good luck in the world to you

How do you win so Much!!! I love it!!!

No math skills here either but I still bring home the bacon! 😉

Piggy Banken

you are super



Wow 😲

Let get the Grand

Great song….. bling bling bling bling bling bling bling bling bling bling bling bling bling bling bling bling bling bling bling bling bling……bumd bumd bumd bumd bumd bumd bumd bumd bumd

Love it

ever any luck picking the nudging wilds?!!

Kasie Falgout

So happy I don't have to hear & wait for u kids to chat with fans !!!!!! 😊

Good luck


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5 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

Best Slot Machine In Vegas You Must Play!!! See MoreSee Less

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very little line hits, seems like bonus or nothing

That game is better then all a board with that extra hit feature. Sweet hit

Awesome Lady Luck 🍀

Your volume or video is skipping sound and picture.

No… We don't have any of the fun games you'll play 🙄

Played it in Australia and I love it

Rewards at the crown casino Perth are good but you have to walk away after 8 hours of play not come back for 24 hrs

fun machine!!!

I haven’t seen this one yet. I’ll have to try it

In Australia this machine is called Bull Rush…..Great game. 👍👍

That’s pretty good!!!

Australia here we have had this game for a few years now but it’s called bull rush here not bull blitz lol e

I like this new slot game.

Will be locking for this one!

Hola amiga

My favourite machine man Lynda George

Congratulations to you sweetie 😘

Been out for a while here in aus sounds like home run but it’s bull rush it’s saying

Love that game !

Kasie Falgout

Tabitha Pinkstaff


All aboard

Lady Luck 😎

Yeah it's called Bull Rush in Australia

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5 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

TONIGHT!!!! You won’t want to miss it! 8 week losing streak will end!! Link here. Go Blue! 〽️ See MoreSee Less

TONIGHT!!!! You wont want to miss it! 8 week losing streak will end!! Link here. Go Blue! 〽️

Comment on Facebook

I will be watching! Great luck tonight

Sorry, I'm a buckeye. I also cried all during the second half. Nice picture though…

Hit a jackpot hit a jackpot!!!

Lady luck I went to parx casino in Bensalem today hit on wolves and eagles came home with 1,000 dollars yahooo

Michigan girl all the way! Even when losing I’m behind them! Keep up the great videos!

If you haven't been to the big house for a game, you must go. Such an amazingly place to be!!

Good Luck Lady Luck 🍀 from your buddy WV Turtle 🐢

Good morning from Canada in the high Arctic all the best in your slot’s good luck

Good luck but you won’t need it you are a lucky 👩

Love the hat! I'm a true Blue fan!!

Love watching! I go to the casino every month and waiting for my losing streak to end! You’re always winning! Love it🎰🌺🎰

I'm on a 7 month losing streak blew my 200.00 budget last night playing on chumba. I'm wishing you lots of luck tonight !!!

Good luck from the Gold Coast Australia

Good luck to you ms lucky lady..enjoying to watch you all the time..❤

Dirty Santa says, GOOD LUCK!"

Love watching your videos! Definitely… Go Blue!

Sending good luck from Kentucky 🍀.

Good luck from Texas.

A fan of you but… Not a fan of the hat 😬😮‍💨 🤣

Sending lots of good luck 🍀 from Michigan

OP good luck and keep smiling💖ur smile is so cutee🤗💖💖🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Love watching you play. Your fun ❤️🤗😘

What? A losing streak? You? No way.

Winning is waiting for you LETS GO LADY 🍀

Great hat!

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6 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

4 Jackpots & Finally Won a $250/Spin Bonus on Lightning Link! See MoreSee Less

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Great song

Wow, I felt bad about the past few weeks. Casinos are tough.

Show us your Worst sessions!

Have you ever hit the GRAND jackpot

Vegas is better I feel !

Good stuff.takrs a long time to get to the thrill..Compilation maybe..Like seeing win ..go for gold..just takes to long to get thete

Thank you both for the awesome videos.

Just started watch ur video like a week ago !! I guys make so much fun to watch !!

Very nice

Congrats….nice WIN…..


Lady Luck HQ Amen to that!


Luck be a lady tonight 💰👑💵💎🛸🥳🍀☘️

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6 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

I Took On The Venetian Las Vegas & It Was MAGICAL! See MoreSee Less

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I love watching your videos 😍

hello Miss Lady L. always wacthing your video's.Merry Christmas🎉😍🎊

Awesome Win! Couldn’t Help But Notice Your Accent! Is it a Midwest Accent?!

Hi lady L, love watching your videos, good luck from your number 1 Scottish fan. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿♥️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿♥️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Do not understand where u get all this money to keep betting high. Is this your full time job.

Happy holidays so do you guys get that money from the casino to play or how do win that much all the time

Que suerte

I love to watch you video playing slots machine games and win games

I’ve stayed at the Venetian twice and loved it ( I’m from uk ) Had the the best time playing Red Fusion with Friends Red hot red hot red hot 😂😂😂 Keep taking their mine my lady x

Happy Holidays to you both 💐🌹

Super cool

Very nice hit congratulations. So it does look like you can get the miner more then once I also seen it go bye twice. Glad for you two to get something back , I know you loose more then you win . Butt thank you for entertaining us here . BYE

Nice 👍


Awesome win!!! Congrats!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉

Nice hit

Whatever casino are uall at

You have magic touch

I stopped watching other people because they complain

You are my favorite person to watch

Nunca pierde lady lucky

So freaking LUCKY!! CONGRATS!🎊🎉

Best ol Luck…WIN BIG

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7 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

I WON the Grand Train Jackpot Again at Resorts World Las Vegas! See MoreSee Less

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Nice videos! Greetings from Mexico 🇲🇽🥳

Win lose or draw I love these two over all the other slot players. And yes they do lose a lot

I just won this tonight!!!

Great hit!! Love this game….when it’s hitting, of course! I’ve hit a couple of major jackpots on the green train…not too bad when I’m playing $1.60!😊

Love watching people play the game but I never had luck with it

Hi it's nice to watch you play pokies. I can't go out and play them. I can't afford them at the moment. You're such fun. Best of luck to you.

Is that the chiropractor who uses the y-strap in the beginning of the video

Can you make videos when you lose all your money like 90% off the people where are those videos

When will you be at resort world again i am traveling there on Friday from New Jersey, I would love to see you

The Hard Rock was amazing on thanksgiving

You are the most lucky person I have ever seen.



Only Lady Luck! Congrats 🎉

Chooo chooo

Woooooowoooooo 😂 Love the fun!!!

Guy says brutal, dude you can't win them all.

Awesome win

O Hell yeah

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1 week ago
Lady Luck HQ

I Thought It Was Over & Then I Won This! See MoreSee Less

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You two are awesome love watching your videos

Heading there December 18th. I’ve reserved a little play for this and Diamond Queen.

I love to watch your videos. When I get to Vegas I will know how to play. 😷

When I was young… my mother looked exactly like Elizabeth Taylor … who played Cleopatra 💜 … her eyes where violet.. & my Moms where green just like the game 💚 win big 🤞

always good luck.

How dare she treat you this way <3

I watch your videos everyday and I just love your excitement and the way you show your love for each other.

Great hit

She came through 😍

Good morning Lady Luck HQ


I love ur videos 🥰

Win big good luck 👍👍👍👍

📍เวปมั่นคง จ่ๅยตรงจ่ๅยจริง😺 👉สนใจสมัคร ติดต่อสอบถามได้ที่ 📌 𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐄 🆔 @mangkron88 จากทีมงานคุณภาพ MANGKRON88

That's 1 of my favorite games to play when i go to casino good luck lady luck HQ i luv watching ur videos

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1 week ago
Lady Luck HQ

The Biggest Jackpot Ever Won On Huff N’ More Puff!!! See MoreSee Less

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I’m still waiting for it to come to our casino around here

You are truly Lady Luck 🍀

So lucky…..nice win my luck just keeps get worse

Yeah I heard the stinkin rich. Used to be my favorite. Good job on huffy ,I can never do any good on it.

I couldn’t help it …. I said the “F” word as my eyeballs were popping out of my head when you hit that jackpot ….😉

Congrads love yall

Old videos!

Hola Saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷❤️❤️❤️❤️😘 muchas suerte siempre te veo un abrazo

Wow that definitely was fun to watch. Lots of saw bonus, great win congratulations keep the wins coming. BYE

Congrats !!! Jack pot party !!!


Nice win I like that game..chumash casino


Congrats, great win.

I really hate it when people creep me and watch me over my shoulder when I'm gambling..

Hi, well done 🙂 what time of the day is the best time to play? There must be a certain time that you win more than other hours like in the morning afternoon or after hours?

Congratulations nice win

Great hits 💰🍀🍀🎰

Well done!! That mansion bonus is hard to get! I have a love/hate relationship with that game!😊

My ultimate favorite game!!

Congratulations 🥳

That was awesome!

nice session for sure! 🥳


When the fist goes out

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1 week ago
Lady Luck HQ

I Finally Played the NEW Buffalo ASCENSION Game! See MoreSee Less

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Lady Luck HQ did you ever play or do a video on buffalo extreme? That one looks interesting.

Hiya. The sound quality of the voiceover parts is really bad 😣

This game is totally a waste of time for you. I am not used to seeing you hit a bonus this low. It’s seem that the coins and multipliers are nonexistent. I don’t like this game at all. Good luck with your other games. Keep on winning and keeping us entertained with those big bonuses. Miss Piggy is a good luck for you. Enjoyed that game…

Okay so I was at Chumash casino last night and I played this for quite sometime and hit nothing! Even played the Max 😞

This game is brutal.

Played this in Vegas at Bellagio and had a few small bonuses but didn't win either.

Curious, why not play the slightly lower bet to get arrowed reels extended further?

Congratulations 🍀🍀🍀

Im starting really like the black one too.

This game is not running. You can't win big

$5.00 bet? ❤️

congratulationsभाई वैसे तो आपको बहुत सारे app मिल जाएंगे तीन पत्ती, अंदर बाहर, ड्रैगन टाइगर खेलने के लिए, लेकिन मैं एक ही बात कहूँगा वे app froud होते हैं। मैं इस app पर अंदर बाहर, ड्रैगन टाइगर एक्सप्लोर speen खेलता हूँ और अब तक लाखों रुपया जीत चुका हूं इसे आप भी डाउनलोड करें और खेले कोई दिक्कत नहीं है। अगर यकीन नहीं है तो देखें प्रूफ आपके सामने है और इस aap में 0% froud Grantee

That game is horrible 😫

Good luck

Why Why Why would you stay on that rubbish machine

1 cent really

Not fun if you don't make enough to keep playing. Not my type of game. Where are the 8 buffalos?

I am from a poor family I just used your thumbnail plz take back the copyright strike I will not use your thumbnail also plz mam I don't want to lose this channel 😭😭 My channel name – (give daily 1k doller)

this game is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That sucks almost 3000 gone from that machine

And 3000 gone from that machine lol

Terrible game…get off for it.

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1 week ago
Lady Luck HQ

My Instincts Were On Point Today!

How many jackpots did you count?
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Let’s hit a jackpot

Why don’t you guys show when u lose ??

Has anybody ever gotten the grand?

Love watching you win♥️. Lol it gives the rest of us hope

Omgoodness 🤗😯!!! Hubby so close !!!! Snatching that 75 chip from the machine!!! Soooon 🤗❤️!!! Exciting to watch 🤓

Who keeps changing the bets.


Great session, best part is you know when to get off! Congratulations !

Lets hit a. Jackpot

Stephanie Stephens Hackley


Congrats , so close on winning that Grand, Saw that last orb show 75 then disappear

Kasie Falgout

Good morning

Nice run! Congrats! You guys crack me up ❤️

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1 week ago
Lady Luck HQ

I Finally Won The BEST BONUS on WIZARD Of OZ & Was Over The Rainbow! See MoreSee Less

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Lady luck, the good witch is Glinda, not Glenda. Thanks for showing this game. I never have any luck with machines like this or Willy Wonka, etc.

Good for you…wanna cookie?

Nicely done Lady Luck 🍀

Thank you, I have never seen the bonus, it was magical!❤❤❤

How is it he has never seen the wizard of oz? I love all the Wizard of oz slots!

I've lived in Kansas for 36 years and have never been in a tornado lol…In fact Overland Park KS has been named the #1 place to live in the last 3 out of 10 years! You should visit, we have 5 casinos in the Kansas City area you would like…Inviting you for a visit, I'll show you around, you'll be amazed how beautiful it is.

He has to see the movie, also play Dark Side of the Moon when the lion roars in the begining credits! I enjoy you guys so much!!

Wizard of Oz was my favorite when I was a kid. I still watch it when it comes on TV 😀. I have a VHS tape still.

Where are you guys from, what state?

I got all the characters in that game with my free spins. It was so fun.

How's dude not know wizard of Oz:/

Definitely not my favourite machine to watch

I liked the 3d effect on it

wish i had your sadly been losing very often lately🥹🥹🥹

Stupid and what's the purpose cause u can't get a job and want the world to pay you to gamble use some of that money to get a facial

That was fun


Sharon King

It wasn’t IN Kansas except in the beginning. They got taken in a tornado to the other side of the rainbow or whatever. Lol

I wlow

Follow the yellow brick Road 😎


that game suck ass


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1 week ago
Lady Luck HQ

Didn’t See This Coming! BIGGEST JACKPOT YET on This Slot!! See MoreSee Less

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I need this luck 🍀

I love the bats and hats

Thank you lady Luck 😊😊

My favorite game!! 🦇

Knock it out of the casino

free play


Steve McHugh pretty sweet bonus

Madeline Dorris

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1 week ago
Lady Luck HQ

With $1.76 This NEVER Happens!! See MoreSee Less

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Omg!! I was in pain watching that for just kept teasing you guys. Congrats on the win though!

Love this Lady Luck 🍀

Can’t believe that happened left’s hit a jackpot 🎰

Beautiful hit.keep going

$1.76 is a normal bet for me 😆😆

This was fantastic 😉

Hit a big jackpot

You guys rock!!!



I hit a $5500 major on a lucky chance spin on Lock It Link Lotteria once. Shocked the hell out of me. After the payout, the attendant told me to spin one time. I said the balance shows $0. LOL

Mima Ann


Congratulations 🎈🎊


I see why you name lady luck




Very nice you two are very Lucky

Lady Luck HQ I was playing happy and prosperous a few nights ago. Was playing ten bucks a spin on ten cent denom, ran out of money, but on my lucky chance spin I hit the hold and spin for a little over 200. Then I played that back and on my lucky chance spin hit the free games, it was pretty crappy under 200. Played all that back then on my third lucky chance spin I fricken hit the hold and spin again for a little over 300. I have never seen the lucky chance hit 3 times!

Frannie how do you deal with people that instead of just saying hi. Try to stay in your space and talk way to long

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1 week ago
Lady Luck HQ

We Had The Most Epic JACKPOT RUN on Buffalo Link w/$1,000 ONLY! See MoreSee Less

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I think her answer is "none of your business."

That was a really Kool video. Thanks guy's, this why y'all are my favorites to watch. So much fun 😀

I absolutely love watching you guys. From lafayette lousiana here. My dream is to go to Vegas before I crook. I'm 47 and never been!!

Love this Lady Luck 🍀

Lady Luck HQ. Did you have a favorite casino!

Never seems to have any luck on that buffalo machine glad to see you hitting

Cool i love this game

Great job 👏 I love buffalo but the link has never been my friend. They owe me!

I would like to meet u guys I watch all the time do u think you will ever get close to evansville Indiana

This lady loses just like anyone else.if your winning .keep going girl.take those casinos money. Lol

Yea congratulations

wish i had luck playing this game like u guys do


Congrats 🍾🥂

Shanna Stasny


$1300 🤣😉

your spin on the word MAJOR sounds so stupid

Do you donate to families in need, my husband past away Aug 13 2021, please help me any amount will be a blessing.


How do you to get money to play ? Just curious

I love buffalo gold. Do you ever try to catch the coins? I hit 14,015.00 on a 6 dollar bet. I ALWAYS try to catch the last reel coin. Also on the free spins. I catch a sick amount of coins..😜

Another big win! Nice $3200 with $300 credit. Do you have a method you choose slots?

I think you should show more legs! Just saying

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1 week ago
Lady Luck HQ

This JACKPOT Was INSANE! I’m Smiling Ear to Ear! How Many Free Games Can You Get? Tap This Link to Download See MoreSee Less

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Love your videos Lady Luck HQ Send me a souvenir to Mexico something from the casino I'm your number 1 fan 🇲🇽🤟😎

Love this game

Don't usually see 8's on machines


Good luck

Grand not Grande ffs

My furbe

Good luck to you, I'm always there

Hello did you all get belly's full on Thanksgiving good luck

Amazing 🍀

I don’t believe this to me she is so fake


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