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Hi, my name is Francine Maric and I go by Lady Luck HQ on all social media platforms.

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16 hours ago
Lady Luck HQ

This Super Grand Jackpot Is The Biggest I've Seen!!! Let's Get It!!!! See MoreSee Less

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What a great Win , Lady Luck!!

Win big Lady Luck 🍀

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, I cannot find the winning machine. I’ll have to stop going to donate. Lol

Come to Cripple Creek!

Hola bellos muy bonito dia

Geez show your cute legs….

Super jelly


Hi from California near Sacramento good luck it just takes one spend

I love your videos Lady Luck is so funny and I mean that in a good way way

Nice SIS…hohoho

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16 hours ago
Lady Luck HQ

When All The Stars Align on a Strange Slot! See MoreSee Less

When All The Stars Align on a Strange Slot!

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Little bit of booze before this video?



Lisa 👍👍👍👍

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19 hours ago
Lady Luck HQ

I Found The Largest Mega Jackpot On New Cash Falls Ever!!! Let's Test It Out!! See MoreSee Less

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Cash falls worst game ever

I finally have no kiddos tonight and the casino is callme name! Can a momma get a little help? $Sarahcolby2

Ok. Lady Luck HQ that machine needs to go straight to time out!!

This machine is ripped off

Lets rock it!!

You have mad skills

Where is the rest of the video?

You look hot mmamcita

Let’s hit a huge jackpot my beautiful Lady Luck HQ 🎰🍀🍀🍀♥️♥️♥️

Lisa 👍

Kirsten Reid

Hello, if you wish, you can help financially one a child in need. Skrill – Revolut @bonys555

Cmon hit it…

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2 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

OMG!! I Won The Craziest Jackpot Ever In California!!! See MoreSee Less

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Well hell yeah 😎

Beautiful win. Ca is tough! Congrats!

The CA casino definitely have better payback percentage then Vegas hand pays around the casinos all night

Awesome 👌 best couple in the slot business 😎

Congratulations on your epic win 🎉🎉🙏🏾🙏🏾💰💰

Congratulations! Also curious what you tip on a 13k hand pay.

Because you guys are such great rippers. Best of luck from Toronto 🍻

Awesome win my beautiful Lady Luck HQ yes 🙌 well deserved winner winner salmon dinner 😃🍾🥂🍀🍀🍀♥️

congrats and 500. tip was great

Curious how much do you tip the cashier when they deliver your winnings??? We live in Australia no tips here

Absolutely fantastic hit!

Congratulations, I love watching you win..

That was SO awesome! Congratulations!!

Awesome Win! I’m so happy for you!

Yay! Congrats! 🤑

You lucky bi*ch 😂😂 I’m from addicted family we minus bambilion and you just always win 😂 good 4 you tho

I wish. Congratulations guys.

Incredible win.

LL & LD, Did you say this was in California. Nice wins girlie, congrats!

One of my favorite games!

Congratulations!! So freaking deserving 😊

What casino in California is this?

We're at what casino

Just curious How are you always win??? I would love to learn the secret 😁

Awesome! Congratulations!!!

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2 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

CRAZIEST Ending To A Wild Video!!! WILD!!! See MoreSee Less

CRAZIEST Ending To A Wild Video!!! WILD!!!

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Good video

me facsina ver tus videos ojala y algun dia puedas responderme Lady Luck HQ saludos

Lady Luck HQ 😍😍😍


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2 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

Falling Asleep In Vegas But These 4 Games Kept Me Awake!!! The Final Game Was Shocking!!! #vegas See MoreSee Less

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No sleeping in the champagne room 

A lady in Farmington The edge just won 52k on a 2.64 cents this morning on dancing drums.

That game is so volatile, I think is worse than the dragon link or buffalos. I have not hit anything worth a video lol

Ugh. These machines! Lol, I keep ( once in awhile) try'n tho! Good luck sleepy head! 🍀🍀🍀🍀

Why stay 352….cant try roll SIS.hohoho

Bless you for making this, you looked so tired x

Touch the pot!!

“Una Más” tees 😎


Good luck from California near Sacramento

Close that pot

Hello, if you wish, you can help financially one a child in need. Skrill – Revolut @bonys555


1000$ it’s like a dollar for you lol

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3 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

OMG!! Scratchers Live Stream Tonight at 9pm EST!! —-> See MoreSee Less

OMG!! Scratchers Live Stream Tonight at 9pm EST!! ---->

16 CommentsComment on Facebook

Love watching your live streams. Why aren’t they on Facebook anymore?

Those tournaments be hard

what’s the link ? i can’t see comments on you tube !

Best of luck Lady Luck HQ & also good luck to everyone on the scratchers 🍀🤞

Cya there. Good luck tonight everyone

Sweet..good luck Lady Luck HQ 🦆🦆🦆🍀🍀🍀

ty for heads up,, im so broke i cant even buy in a flash sale,, i hope a scratcher comes my win gl tonight lady luck!!

Joshua B-Large Baillargeon

Doin big things tonight. Sending winning vibes 🎰



Lisa 👍👍👍👍


Hier findest du die Antwort.


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3 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

Exclusive Look Inside Resorts World's Insane Penthouse and Massive Jackpots!
My Late-Night Arrival in Vegas – Prepare to Smi#vegasv#lasvegasvegas
See MoreSee Less

69 CommentsComment on Facebook

Penthouse was AMAZING 😍 Now if you get mad at hubby for anything you have plenty of other rooms to put him in 😬🤣

Wow the spectacular room. I hope you brought people to fill those rooms.

I wish you were able to get urged a room lol I could use one of those amazing rooms to take my sis and mom there August 9 weekend see Mimi!! I haven’t been there in years! Than next year going for my godsons 21st birthday

Do you have a cook ? And people to play pool with . ?? Wow…enjoy, how good is that 🥰 blissssss

Mis hermosos los amo 🙏🏼♥️♥️ let’s hit a huge jackpot 🎰 🍀🍀🍀omg just saw the hair 😂 you should’ve just left it like that my beautiful Lady Luck HQ🥰

Wow! What a treat! Enjoy and win BIG.

I hope that was comp I'm guessing that probably cost somewhere in about 7 to $12,000 a night

Wish I was lucky enough to have the money to go on vacation to Las Vegas. I miss going

Love you're hair.Have a great day!Go win big.

Looks lovely can I come over too . Love from Australia 🇦🇺

Beautiful & Breathtaking Penthouse Wow 😍😍😍

Wow awesome 👏🏽 was this a comp room or did you pay for this one

Today u cant big luck,speak Harry Potter magic bonus…nice SIS…hohoho

Omg the penthouse is gorgeous!! Ahhh!! If i ever get one of those for a few nights. I will be inside and enjoy every minute of it.

Wow! Now that’s what you call a penthouse 🔥

Wow that is simply spectacular,I would never leave the room 😲😳❤️

Was the family or friends coming to stay? That’s a lot of space for 2. 😂😂

Lady Luck HQ to answer your question you look like a tired mom lmao we all look like that at least once a week

That’s an awesome room, and nice wins

That's definitely how the other half live. Very nice. Wow

Love where you are staying.

Impressive! Say hi to Vegas Matt when you see him in High Limit!

Woww enjoy your stay, win big!

Incredible suite!!

Life style of the rich and famous! ! WOW…WOW Go get it LL

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This WAS Pure Amazing!!!!

14 CommentsComment on Facebook

Great entertainment and great win in bonus

Yikes those are my bonuses 😳😳😳😳!!!

That was awesome!!!!

Awesome Lady luck. Enjoy seeing you. Jeannine


Beautiful Happy Days




Lol wa


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3 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

Down Over $8K On This New Game… Can I Win It Back!? See MoreSee Less

8 CommentsComment on Facebook

This game looks very interesting & fun to play👏🍀

Been playing this game for over a year…

Good luck

You got this🙏

Lisa 👍

8 grand in to win 1 thousand?


Mystery 👍🏼🤷🏻‍♂️🤔

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3 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

The BIGGEST Slot Showdown Ever!!! See MoreSee Less

86 CommentsComment on Facebook

Wait how was I not in this if it’s the biggest?

Why is your camera man not filming the game? Ugh

Love it, be glad when Coushatta brings back their slot tournaments.

What on earth did I just witness here? I had no clue who was doing or winning what here. Please don't tell me the person on the camera did a great job, unless we weren't actually meant to see anyone's screen for any longer than 4 seconds. That was absolute torture to watch sorry. Huge fan of you and your husband, but please don't let that person do your videoing anymore please

Worst filming ever!!! Film the slot machine

I thought tapping the screen didn’t have anything to do with winning

Who won the carpal tunnel invitational 🥸

Love slot tournaments 💖. I won quite a few 🥰

My casino stop doing perks like this year's ago. It used to be fun.

The girl in the 3rd slot 😍

Love, slot tournaments

He wins tournaments often

If you ever think of giving up the game and maybe pick me up…..

Want to see the game please

Congratulations to your hubby, his fast tapping ability paid off. He was focused, in it to win it. Your effort was good, what place did you come in?

What's with the slapping and hitting the screen while on tournament?

Excellent job DL!!

Camera person Sucked big time. Next time if using said person. Tell them to record the screens. Could of fit yours & hubby’s screen in, at least we would of seen something

Show the slot machine

AGAIN Dude Luck? Or is this a replay? Congratulations 🎉

Carpal Tunnel Syndome for sure now you guys !! Good luck

How much did you win?

no wonder the buttons dont work half the tiime on the machines because of these clowns slappin them

Good luck

All I heard was tapping and slapping had no idea what was going on cuz you couldn't see anything! 🙄

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4 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

OMG! First EVER $400/BET Bonus on Huff n Even More Puff!!! See MoreSee Less

OMG! First EVER $400/BET Bonus on Huff n Even More Puff!!!

22 CommentsComment on Facebook

Good for you sweetie your always a great winner. I Love watching your videos

Are you in Vegas this week at all

That’s all rigged and set up to get people in the casino and loose all their money

So enjoy you guys ! Nice to see people in love enjoying themselves I’m a gambler and love your videos

👷🏼‍♀️ that was awesome

Some rough bonus spins

Boooooo should have been the Grand on that bet!!

I like her and her husband fun videos

Lisa your dad

Man it seems like the bigger the bet, the lower amount of gold hats 🤔




BA ZING!! #letspartyjackpottricks #teenpattigoldletspartyslotsjackpot #khelozimmedaarise #Teenpattimasternewgame #teenpattigoldjackpotwinningtrick #TeenPattiMaster10KLiveAddCash #TeenPattiMasterJackpotWinningTrick #RummyBoleTohJungleeRummy #RummyMasterclass #rummynew


help I keep missing the scratcher night lives I i end up napping early evening and miss out half the time plz could u let me know whan your lives come on so i dont forget plz and ty

Good luck. Jeannine

Hip hip hooray

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4 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

Even the slot machine is judging me #jackpot #vegas #ladyluckHQ See MoreSee Less

10 CommentsComment on Facebook

I hit the grand on this good luck… Lady Luck HQ

Not ce win

I never know which one to pick.

Awesome 👏

Make sure you try Kronos that game is hella fun . Good luck Lady Luck HQ

Leanna Graham Reynolds


Cheater 🤦‍♂️🤳


Getting fakey.

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4 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

How We Dominate Every Game We Play at Cosmo Las Vegas!

#vegas ##lasvegas #jackpot
See MoreSee Less

7 CommentsComment on Facebook

Lisa and I are going

Nice legs 🦵🦵


Casey Hinlicky

Olivia Havens

Let's go Lady Luck HQ

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4 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

This Was Absolutely Insane!! So Many Double Bonus Screens, I Couldn't Keep U#vegasvegas See MoreSee Less

27 CommentsComment on Facebook

I just don’t understand she goes to the casino every day and hits. I think this is a set up every time I go to the casino I lose.

Love this game Great hit honey

I love this game!!

Love this slot game

Oh yeah you’re a big winner 🏆

Wayyyy tooooo gooooo lady ♥️♥️

42 carts !

Nice job Lady Luck 🍀

Wow!! Awesome win

Very nice treasure train 🤩 congratulations to you both 🥂♥️🍀🍀🍀

What's the name if that game?

Great hit.!.!

Congratulations 🍾🎉🎊🎈 that’s awesome

Goodluck Lady luck!

Let qa know if you need anything else from me a little

Natasha Khan we were talking about something similar today 😉


Fantastic Greetings from Detroit

Pam Walls Ervin

Me gusta ver tus video

Awesome 🎉🎰



Go vagas

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5 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

YESS!! The Slot Experiment is back!! $2,000 into 20 slot machines!! See MoreSee Less

YESS!! The Slot Experiment is back!! $2,000 into 20 slot machines!!

3 CommentsComment on Facebook

Lady Luck HQ is the best.

Kill it Lady Luck😀


5 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

I Did The Unthinkable While My Husband Was At Work… See MoreSee Less

19 CommentsComment on Facebook

I love you and Kat vibe. Do more videos with her.

Do you only play the Big Bets when your husband is with you. I noticed you guys play 75 plus when hubby is with you and then when he is not you tend to stay on the smaller side. Maybe I am just missing when you are betting the bigger bets when you are not with him. I know I always play bigger when I'm by myself then I do when someone is with me.

He works ?

I won$ 1,140 in this machine in puerto Rico

At work, say Wat? Good luck anyway! 🍀

Greetings from Australia good luck my Girl do you and lovey Duffy have a family yet 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🙏

Watching from deep south texas but right now I'm in Vegas with family

You’ve got this Lady Luck 🍀

I just started playing this game. It’s actually very fun! 😍

Watching from Pennsylvania. Enjoy your videos.

Love watching you.

Love this game

I’m not sure but all the big slot players say it. I’m not sure it’s true though

Why do you do maximum volume?

Why does your husband have to work???


Love ❤️ watching you Good luck 👍

भरोसेमंद game बस एक ही है। इसलिए एक बार download कर के जरुर try करें।5minute में withdraw money अपने account में निकाले। https:

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5 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

The Most Shocking Moment Ever On Buffalo Grand That Stunned Me!!! See MoreSee Less

14 CommentsComment on Facebook

Was waiting for you to hit the grand good win though show's you don't have to bet big to win big

Wow nicely done Lady Luck 🍀

Way to go Franny.🤗😊👍🌹

What casinos do yall play at

Lovey Dovey is so sweet!!!!

Get it girl ♥️


This game is what got me hooked on buffalo 🐃. I had $50 freeplay and had never played pennies when I hit the super times 10 for $9400 on a $3 bet. I'm into buffalo gold now days ❤



Leys go buffalooooo

Damn lucky!

free play

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5 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

Chasing The Biggest Mega Jackpot I've Seen On Power 4!! 2 Chances at It!!! See MoreSee Less

11 CommentsComment on Facebook

I'll slap the machine and you if you got something to say about it 👍

Isn’t this video old

😛 you’re so funny my beautiful Lady Luck HQ did we break it 😂😂 totally love you both 🥰♥️♥️🤗🍀🍀🍀

This is her Job!!

are you not working?

This is my favorite game t9 play and they took it out of the casino I play at. 😭😭😢

Poor machine. Saw how pretty you are and had a heart attack🤣

One more Uno más , Jajaj



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5 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

OMG! I WON the Golden Saw on Huff n Even More Puff!!!! AHHH! See MoreSee Less

35 CommentsComment on Facebook

Ouch! That should have been better! Very nice hit though.

Thank you for the nightly entertainment. I enjoy watching the jackpot action before turning out the lights. It's become a Part of my routine.

That's the best, so cool.

You never said, "We got wood…." That may be why it didn't give you any mansions. Still a great win, for a $90 bet… Good luck, and keep up the fantastic content

U are the lucky lady but your hosband is the luckest man to have you respect luck lady

As an aside, your outfit is a great color for you. Very youthful and vibrant.😊

omg!!! so close on that grand 🙁 ughhhh – hugs

Dang girl you look good.

So great to meet you and your husband this weekend Lady Luck HQ ! We had a great time! See you soon!

That was the super mega hat.

That bigger screen but not many hats 🍀🍀🍀

So close, hope you get it next time Lady Luck!!!

Omg the woman fuchi face 😂

Bill Fowler – this is good machine to play

Nice win!!

Yesssss queen!!

Yea she’s Bella

No golden saw bonus here.

Hi from Wisconsin

click bate alert!!!!!! not the golden “saw” 🤣

Yummy mummy

Ese es mi juego favorito ☘️☘️🍀☘️

Me enkntas


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6 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

BONUS on $100/SPIN Vegas Dreams See MoreSee Less

5 CommentsComment on Facebook

Goodluck! Lady Luck

Sounds like someone in the background is after your mommy 😂

Great win my beautiful Lady Luck HQ 🤩♥️♥️🍀🍀🍀



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6 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

Craziest Jackpot Rollercoaster You've Ever Seen! See MoreSee Less

Craziest Jackpot Rollercoaster Youve Ever Seen!

13 CommentsComment on Facebook

Your laughter and joy is contagious, continue with that energy that you always bring, congratulations

You guys are so cute !! You make me smile and remind me when I was young and in love like the two of you ! I’m a gambler and enjoy watching all your videos good luck always from Indiana!

I want to open one of these one day to see you won like a million dollar jackpot or more……

Always enjoy watching. Question. You all tend to move bets around a little more than others With that said . Does your previous spin results ever dictate your next spin wager 🍀🍀

Sorry,love you guys but I have to unfollow and unsubscribe. Loved watching you on Facebook but hate getting notifications, open them up and direct me to Youtube.

Get a real job and stop encouraging people to gamble



Lisa 👍 👍


Hi, greetings from Germany. Just curious, do you lose more than you win, vice versa, or break even? I like watching your videos. 🙂

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6 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

Yayy!!! My New Favorite Game! Mystery Of The Lamp!! Two Lamp Rubs!!! See MoreSee Less

13 CommentsComment on Facebook

Bummer…but a bonus is a bonus!

I glad you bonus, so happy for you to win!

I love that game

Nice but not a big bonus 🍀🍀🍀

Let’s go my beautiful Lady Luck HQ let’s hit a huge jackpot 🎰 🍀🍀🍀♥️♥️

No tatties, no winnings

Leanna Graham Reynolds

Nichole Misuraca

Hi from California you guys are so cute . And funny love your videos

Voodoo spell on it 😆


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6 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

We Decided To Max Bet on Each Denom Until We Won A Jackpot!!! #vegas See MoreSee Less

11 CommentsComment on Facebook

Nice wins!! Love this game!!

Good morning hope you and your family are doing well keep on winning ♥️♥️

Stop using my lines too save the day please its just save it of course u had to add to it but save the day yah corny no worries everyone has stolen things from but im the puppet master im the ghost writer for a lot of u people

Wow you rock Lady Luck 🍀

Its sad watching all of u people doing this cause it shows me that Truman show go down to dummies like u


Dirty monkeys lol didn’t help

My beautiful Lady Luck HQ here where I live we have a bunch of those machines 🤩 we don’t have any casinos but we have tonzs of places we call maquinitas here just local businesses with a lot of slots 🎰 great win 🙏🏼♥️🍀🍀🍀🥰


U seen how u mess up by just opening your mouth why say u only got 3 spins when u know if u land one it go back to 3 spins but like I said Truman show she said I got 3 spins left cause she already knew that nothing was gonna land people please stop pretending like I don't see threw yah bullshit cause if it was up to me u want to post videos of u acting like a bum that fine but dont expect me to pay u anything for posting don't care how much people seen it u wanted to post it that all u get don't get me wrong got nothing but love for u Lady Luck HQ my thing is I don't see the point in this seeing others gamble win lose its just stupid only things like this happen when people are being controlled like the Truman show and no u not Truman your the dummies that tell Truman its a show by the way yah talk walk act scratch etc. Can wait we so so close no love lost no love found 💯

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7 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

Cracked the code on Huff n Even More Puff!!! See MoreSee Less

Cracked the code on Huff n Even More Puff!!!

9 CommentsComment on Facebook

U are amazing!!! 👍🏼🇨🇦

If I got funded by everyone else then I could play in the high limit room. Anyone who subscribes should receive a portion of the winnings.

so I don’t know if you know when the wolf comes out of the gate if you tap him it will flip all of your house’s at one time

She cracked the code, amazing lol



I got the gold saw at hard rock twice. I got shit!

Lisa p

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7 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

$1 Million Grand Jackpot Dollar Storm Was Eating Me Alive See MoreSee Less

16 CommentsComment on Facebook

Good luck Lady Luck HQ.

Good luck and good morning from Australia.😊

Hey, who cares what peopke think. If they don’t like it then don’t watch. I love watching you both . Stuff the haters 🥰🤗

Have fun! I love watching you guys! Love from KC , MO!

We love y’all ppl talk good are bad just keep doing you! ❤️

Love watching you guys, have fun 😊

Saw you and your husband last night 🥰 good luck 💋

Let’s get that major or minor

I'm with your hubby forget the haters

did he take the whole million home or just 500000 home

Anything with an m

Are you ever in Atlantic City NJ??

Button slappers DRIVE ME NUTS


Perfect 🍀🍀🍀

That was hard too watch Lady Luck starts with $32,000 finish with $20,000 really suck for you and hubby better Luck next time🤞

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7 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

The Most Amazing Night Of My Life At Morongo In California!!! Absolutely Incredible!! See MoreSee Less

70 CommentsComment on Facebook

2k tip? The world has gone mad. They brought you your money. Do they bring it when you lose as well?

Tipping that much is ridiculous. All they did is walk up and hand you money. You pay taxes and losses.

Why tip like that? $200 would do the same thing. You are the one that has to pay the taxes!

Yes🤩 congratulations to you my beautiful Lady Luck HQ and Dude Luck 23 🍾🥂🙌🍀🍀🍀♥️♥️ and well to all those negative comments about her tips umm it’s her money duh 🙄

Love this video. You are always so generous.❤️

I think donating something to a homeless shelter or food bank would be great 👍

Why do you ppl care what she tips? It isn't your money. Also, how do you know she doesn't tip the cleaning ppl. It's not like they tape their entire trip to these casinos. LL keep doing what your doing. We never know what ppl are going thru. Pay it forward when able and that is exactly what LL is doing!!

love you ladyluck when you give great tips to the hard working staff ,keep your love shining.❤

I love the tip. It's great Karma

That was fun to watch an a nice tip you left for the staff congratulations

How is it when you hit a hand pay- you can reset machine and it all goes to credit?? I've never seen anyone do that before

Wow just amazing Lady Luck 🍀

The best Magic words of them all are " Let's go buffalo " 😊

Go tip the cleaning people, PERIOD!

This was an amazing game!! 🤩Congratulations! For all the negative comments you can keep scrolling!

I was really hoping to go and see you. Next time maybe 😊

Let’s go LL dude love buffalo 🍀🍀🍀

Holly cow u hit big nice win Lady Luck

I need my tip only $100 is good for me thankfully

You are generous 😄🙏🏻

She’s tipping for all you sour-pussed grinches who never tip. 🤭

This was posted on you tube like 9 months ago and you called it "BIGGEST TIP ever given smh…why do you post stuff that is old instead of new content?

Always the best tipper 🙌

Happy for you lovely girl xx

Great hit on lower than your normal bet

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7 days ago
Lady Luck HQ

Turning a Modest $1,708 into Big Money on Vegas Slots!

#vegas #lasvegas #jackpot
See MoreSee Less

9 CommentsComment on Facebook

I love watching your games. For a 72 year old Great Gr. It’s fun! Thank you!

Nice very nice Lady Luck 🍀

Great video congratulations on your wins my beautiful Lady Luck HQ love you guys ♥️🍾🥂🤩🍀🍀🍀


Tegan Monique

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पहले मैं बहुत गरीब था किराए के मकान पर रहते थे इस तीन पत्ती लोड करने से अच्छा खासा पैसा कमाने लगा हूं Game Link Download Now…👇👇👇

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1 week ago
Lady Luck HQ

🔴 I WON So MANY JACKPOTS on Huff n Puff!!! LIVE!

You can play all the games you LOVE on the Quick Hit app, Like the games I am playing today. Tap this link to download & get 2 Millions coins —-

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During this broadcast, you can support my Page by sending Stars, a digital gift that helps me earn money.

Where are you watching from? Let's see how far this LIVE stream gets!

Just got here did I miss you winning the grand


You should just go for your meal reservation 😂😂😂

Is it bad that when you get the free games I make the same sound affect noises as you do? 😂😂😂

How long are you in Tampa for, I'm coming Sunday?

He definitely is not paying attention to the chat 😂😂😂

Did LL flip the switch late? I'm late 😁

Oh snap, this is live! What’s up Slot Machine Wranglers? Navy Chief’s in the house.

Hello from North Battleford Saskatchewan Canada, I love ur live feeds ❤️

3 hats every time! 3 hates every time! Til the grand jackpot is mine! 3 hats every time 🎶

You seem much happier now that Miran is there! ❤️

I love your shirt Lady Luck!! That’s so pretty!!!

GL from Tampa,FL. Are you going to be there tomorrow as well?

What’s the phone app called?

Can you please push camera back

Will you guys be there tomorrow also?

Can’t see first reel

You bet $75…I bet 75 cents. Teacher budget 🤣🤣. Actually, I do alternate based on my line wins. I love this game!

You got this!!! Good luck from Kansas🌻

Where is your shirt from?! It’s adorable

Cincinnati loves you LADY LUCK I love when you get the mega hat on the wheel. Waa waa

Can you pull the camera back

Where are the $75 spins?

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1 week ago
Lady Luck HQ


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Absolutely love watching your videos. You guys make it so exciting and enjoyable to watch.

Enjoy seeing the wins whether they are large or small (we all would like to win big). Still, Love the play

Let’s go my beautiful Lady Luck HQ let’s hit a jackpot 🍀🍀🍀♥️♥️

Howdy Lady ♥️

Lisa 👍❣️❣️❣️❣️


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