Just to get this out of the way — this isn’t a paid ad for Royal Caribbean! Often times as gamblers we want to see what slot machines are available inside the casinos and what it looks like overall. This will be a quick Royal Caribbean Often times, casinos don’t have great video of that, and it’s not very in-depth. This is the most in-depth Royal Caribbean cruise tour of their casino on YouTube, and most in-depth casino tour of any cruise ship period! We take you through Casino Royale aboard Symphony of the Seas, and the amenities, bar area, and selection of slots.

It’s located on the 4th deck and surprisingly, you don’t feel much of the ship at all on the 4th deck. Ever wonder if a cruse ship is going to have all the same games as your local land casino? In this video I do a complete walk around of the CASINO ROYALE aboard Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas. We’re going to be releasing some other video tour’s of the suite and general areas of the cruise ship itself!

In this video, we decided to focus on a gamblers dream, which is of course the casino on a cruise ship. Doing our second Royal Caribbean cruise in the last 2 years, I can honestly say that it doesn’t feel like you’re on a cruise ship casino. It feels like a Las Vegas casino, that happens to be a bit smaller in size. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! Ask any questions you might have. Thanks Lady Luck HQ #RoyalCaribbean #Casino #LadyLuckHQ