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We got a handpay jackpot on Lightning Link Best Bet Slot machine while sailing on the Symphony of the Seas via Royal Caribbean! We love these Lightning Link slots, and took a 2 to 3 month hiatus from them, and came roaring back!

On the Royal Caribbean Casino Royale, they had about 20 Lightning Link slot machine scattered across the Casino Royale, so we got our pick of the litter! There was no live slot play this go round since the internet was not fast enough to stream, but we got a ton of content for you guys!

Take a peek at this awesome handpay jackpot and some of these amazing slot wins and slot bonus games!

In the final portion of the video, we show you as we’re embarking from Miami on Royal Caribbean, and our first stroll through Central Park and eating at Chops Grille! It was AMAZING!!!

HandpayJackpot #RoyalCaribbean #LightningLink

Who’s Getting Lucky

We feature our friend John AKA Styx Fan! He was betting $2 a smack on Big and Bad and received all 5 symbols! He won over $16K!!! You gotta take a peek at this amazing slot machine jackpot!

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