While playing at the Red Rock Hotel and Casino this weekend, we encountered one of the newer Konami cabinet machines called Dragon Fury. If you scan YouTube, you’ll see there’s a couple of handpays on Dragon’s Emblem, but not Dragon Fury! This is the first handpay jackpot video on YouTube of Dragon’s Fury!! We received 6 of the bonus symbols to trigger the free games. That gave us the 241 added Dragon’s to the mix, and the rest was history!! Talk about an exciting game, and more importantly, we put in $100 and it triggered this ridiculous payout! You never know which machine will equate to a slot machine jackpot, but as any slot machine goes, you need to make sure to know the game you’re playing! We chose to play max bet which was $3, and it triggered a massive slot machine jackpot on Dragon Fury! As promised at the end of the slot machine play I feature a selection of yummy food dishes from Masso a restaurant inside the Red Rock Hotel and Casino. All my foodies watching please let me know if you would like to try what we had for dinner. The Branzino fish was to die for! Take a peek at this and let us know what you think.